A Little too Long and a lot too Busy

Well, that title about sums it up. I have been so busy that the blog had to take a backseat for a bit. Let's update.....

The children, they are doing great! They have loved playing outside, we are all so happy for Spring weather. We are still doing our homeschool preschool work and homeschool Kindergarten work.

Blaiklee learned how to ride a balance bike and scooter. She is talking so much that it is hard to believe she did not talk at all until December; she is saying like 5-6 word sentences. The sass, man the sass, if it were even possible it is thicker and just keeps getting more and more thick the more words she says.

Deakon is now a speed demon on his peddle bike. It took sometime and some fixing of his bike but man he figured it out and was speeding down the sidewalk in the same day. He is very excited that the snow is almost all gone and camping season is among us. We will be camping for his birthday again this year, I see a trend with this one that I do not see changing in the future years, HE LOVES CAMPING.

Niklaus is more obsessed with dinosaurs if that is even possible. Dinosaurs have consumed everything for him. Well, dinosaurs and Wild Kratts. His passion and love for learning is inspiring. I am still wondering how soon it will be before he knows more than us. He already corrects and educates us regularly on dinosaurs and animals.

Anthony is still working. He is currently in Week 3 of Spring Term. He is preparing to graduate his second cohort of automotive students; he is not excited about speaking in front of so many people at graduation. He is very proud of his students; one of them has taken and passed 9 ASE tests...that means he has more than Anthony. Me, well, I'm just trucking along. Child Care has been a struggle the last month or so but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I found an employee that I think will work out and be long term. The children in my program are perfect for my program. I am currently in the midst of bargaining with a team of child care providers for the child care provider Union, Child Care Providers Together AFSCME and the State of Oregon. It has been a GREAT experience and I have learned a ton. I am rather proud of myself because I am now approved as a Community Trainer for the Oregon Registry Online; basically I can offer child care classes to other child care professionals. I am still trying to decide what my first class will be on. We are very happy for nice weather. We have tons of traveling and camping plans for the Summer. We also have plans for garden areas in our garden and yards, okay well I have plans and Anthony is only going along with them.

Well, there is your update. Let me know if you have any ideas about what I should write about! I have a few ideas and I will be doing some homeschool and child care blogs here soon.

Here is the kids on Saint Patrick's Day :)

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