Always Meant to be the Middle Child

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Meet Deakon Mikael. He is our middle child and youngest son. He is currently 3 years old. He is our wild child, crazy man, daredevil and bravest kid I have ever met. We always knew that he wouldn't be our last baby; but we didn't realize that he was MEANT to be our middle child. While he is anything but forgotten, he is our under the radar, easiest of the 3, complacent and quiet child. He is also our class clown; we can always count on him to make us laugh and his laugh is the most contagious and belly rolling laugh I have ever heard.

Deakon is so sweet, caring, enduring, empathic, and happy. He loves anything with wheels. The louder and faster the better. He asks for a dirt bike at least once a day!

He lives for camping and riding his bike. If there is any hint of warmth outside he is begging to go out and ride his bike. He is a fireball of energy and goes 1,000% until his eyes shut. He is our best sleeper and our child that NEEDS to sleep for everyone's sake.

He is the sweetest of sweet with a temper and short fuse. But man this boy. He is the BIGGEST momma's mom and my heart is his. I know as parents we aren't supposed to have favorites but this boy grounds me and makes me a better mom.

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