Sassy Princess

Oh, my strong-willed sassy spirited wild child. Until you have a child that you know you were meant to have you just do not understand what it is like to have a mini you; but if you do, you get it. She is literally the perfect clone of her momma in ever aspect.

She introduces herself as Princess Blaiklee Anna Katherine.

She is feisty, sassy and sweet all rolled into this precious little princess. That is exactly what she is; our Princess.

She came barreling into this world at 5am and has not slept past 5am very many times in her life. B has been a ball of furiosity since her birth. She is exactly what our family needed to be rounded and complete. She just turned 2; exactly a month ago. She is brilliant and intentional in everything she does. I absolutely could not imagine life without her. From the time I was a little girl, I knew I wanted a daughter. I wanted a real life dress up doll and best friend. Little did I know that my daughter would be this little opinionated, independent and sassy princess who wanted to do everything on her own and would start picking out her own clothes and refusing every single bow that was purchased for her to wear at a little over 12 months old. She gives the saying "tiny dictator" a new meaning. She decides what outfit she wears. How her hair is done. What shoes she is wearing. Just as quickly as she decides, she has executed dressing herself. I do not remember the first time she fully dressed herself but I know she was less than a year old; and don't ask her if she wants help because the answer is always, "No, I do it."

She LOVES, and by LOVES I mean lives and breathes, Frozen. Anna is her favorite and she wants NOTHING to do with Elsa.

She had third child syndrome and was a little delayed in most aspects of development she qualified for ECI until recently. Until one day, she woke up and decided no more. She literally went from not talking at all to talking in complete sentences over night. She is now doing letter sounds and naming letters. Blaiklee struggled with her fine motor skills until just one day she did not. She does school everyday with us and has her own preschool workbook. It is the most incredible thing ever to see a child excel and blow all her goals out of the water.

Her favorite person is her Daddy, second is her Nana. She thinks her brothers are hilarious but they also irritate her to no end. She is my mini me, I already catch her saying things that I is hilarious.

She loves music and will make her own just to be able to get down to the beat and groove. She sings ALL day long, most of the time I have no idea what she is singing but she is.

She loves to go fast. It does not matter if it is in the car, on the motorcycle or on the quad. The faster the better.

She loves unconditionally. She tries to give all the animals hugs and kisses every night. She will not go to sleep until everyone has been forced to hug and kiss her, although I think most of us love her hugs and kisses. This sweet girl is the highlight of all our lives and is the best thing that our family did not realize we needed.

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